Open peer review through the lens of F1000's open research publishing platforms
Elizabeth Allen


Peer review; open science; post publication peer review; F1000

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Allen E. Open peer review through the lens of F1000’s open research publishing platforms. scielo20 [Internet]. 19Sep.2018 [cited 5Jul.2022];:1-. Available from:


Today peer review is challenged for its rigidity, the delays it can introduce to publishing and grant making, the potential for bias, its lack of transparency, among other things. In a world of the web, where space restrictions largely disappear, and where there is a demand for more rapid and open access to research findings, there is an opportunity to rethink established and outmoded practices.  New models are emerging that challenge the received wisdom around peer review and specifically when and how experts (as peer reviewers) can best provide a view and/or validate the findings, conclusions and implications of research findings.

This working paper - using F1000's post-publication, open peer review model of scientific publishing to illustrate - aims to facilitate discussion about how open peer review, in it many guises, can play a major role in bringing innovation to scholarly publishing, while supporting transparency and open dialogue around research.   


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